Leanne Wei

Postcards from Cape Town


For someone who grew up in South Africa, I don't visit Cape Town nearly as often as enough.  As we drove to Camps Bay, I wondered how lucky the people here must be, being able to step out of their beach houses overlooking the ocean with views of table mountain just a stone throw away.  My mom always says she wants to retire in Cape Town and one of my personal goals is to be able to buy a beach house here one day.  

I don't know if it has to do with being born an island girl, but for me, being close to the ocean is really one of the best feelings in the world.  I sat here for a while, just watching the waves, feeling the breeze and taking in the ocean air.  If only I can be here like this everyday. 

Field of Sunshine


I remember seeing a bright field of yellow sunflowers the first week I got back to South Africa as my brother and I made a three and a half hour drive from Johannesburg to KZN that one late afternoon in mid-February.  I couldn't believe the amount of yellow blossoms that spun across my eyes as I observed the acres and acres of land covered in golden blooms.  Naturally, I nagged and nagged and made Owen promise that we would make our way back for a visit on our way back to Joburg.  I'm glad he complied. 

If you follow me on Snapchat, you would have seen how ecstatic I was that day I got play in a field of sunflowers despite the incredible heat in the country at the moment.  I hope to bring my mum and little brother back to the sunflower farm for another visit one of these days.  The light was way too bright on the day we visited and we couldn't risk driving in the dark waiting for golden hour to set in, but I hope to drop by this golden field of sunshine for a proper shoot one of these days, because these impromptu iPhone photos just don't do it any justice. 

Photos by Owen Wei