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Hi everyone!

Merry Everything and Happy New Year! :)

I know it's been a while since I've updated.  Thanks for still following along on Instagram even though I've sort of been MIA.  I hope you are all well and having a wonderful summer/winter wherever in the world you are!  As for me...  Between New York, Berlin, Paris and South Africa - I've been hopscotching all over the place!  I had intentions of live blogging, but it's been a little overwhelming to be honest.  I have so many photos that I still need to edit all the way back from October... I know, I know. I've literally become the world's biggest procrastinator.  I have to play some major serious catching up this week! 

To give you guys an update of what I've been doing these last couple of months:

1. I visited rooibos farms in the Cederberg Mountains

If you know me, I'm really, really obsessed with rooibos.  It's a bit of a strange tea concept that I've been working on, but I have this idea of combining two of my favourite things together and creating something really... interesting.  I'm still working on it, but I'll have more to share on this soon! 


2. I'm officially a Strala Yoga Guide

While working through some major emotional issue in my life, I flew to Germany in November on a whim and did a Strala Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Trainining in Berlin with Tara Stiles.  Yoga Teacher Training has been something I've been wanting to do for a long time, but I was always afraid that I wasn't good enough.  But then I just did it.  And it was one of the nicest things I've done for myself in a long time.  I'm still not fully confident enough to teach yet, but maybe I'll throw a free beach yoga class somewhere soon and you guys can all join and help me practice! :) 

3.  I've learned to love myself more

2016 is the year I realized just how important self love really is.  Professionally, this was a really great year, but there are still days where I feel empty. These last few months have been one of those, and this time, just like every time, one very important emotion I lose is my motivation. Sometimes I feel like I just don't have enough to give. I've realized a large part of this emptiness often stem from the insecurities I have with certain people in my life. The ones who weave in your life when it's convenient for them and disappear when it's not. The ones who always keep you guessing. There is no comfort in that. There is zero security.  And I kept allowing it to eat me away.  But I'm slowly learning to put myself first.  Yoga has been a tremendous help in this process and I'm just taking it easy one day at a time. Never ever put more into a relationship with another person more than you put into your relationship with yourself.  Self love is so important. 


4. I fell in love with Paris (again)

I re-visited France for the first time since 2009 and spent a week before and after my Strala Yoga Training in Paris.  I was smitten the last time I visited and nothing has changed since then.  For someone who felt like complete rubbish just two weeks before this trip, Paris made me so happy seeing how beautiful life really is from a new perspective.  I ate a lot of French food, drank too much coffee, explored new tea bars, met new friends everywhere from Argentina to Japan, and went on a three tinder dates.  Also, for once, I actually regret not doing more shopping because I was eating the whole time.

5. New Year, New Goals

My self betterment goal for this year is to nurture more self love and take time to choose which emotions and thoughts I give power to instead of immediately reacting to everything I feel.  I want to approach this new year with more intension, less force and more ease.  

All in all, I'm a firm believer in creating our own luck and opportunities.  I always have to remember to remind myself that there is never a perfect moment to start doing anything.  The trick is to always grab everything with both hands :) 

Daniel & Elia

Time is always unveiling something in every period of our lives. It can also change so much of who we are.  Some things grow value in time, while others depreciate.  But there are certain things that remain timeless. Like classic books, fine jewelry and the perfect watch.

I've been thinking a lot about downsizing my life this past year: to only invest in things I really love, and keep things I really need.  Not only will you be making more space for things that actually matter, physically and mentally, but another important lesson to learn to unlearn how to stop making everything so disposable.  To love and appreciate and to take care of our things so that perhaps one day, we could hand them down to someone really special.

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White lilies

White lilies remind me of my mum.  They are her favourite flowers and growing up, I remember how she would always pick up a bouquet from Woolies every other week.  We didn't have a huge space, but I loved the way white lilies would instantly brighten up our home.  To me, it was her signature touch.  Mum's favourite lily variety are tiger lilies.  I actually find the name to be quite fitting with who she represents as a person.  She wasn't a traditional asian tiger mom, per se, but - for anyone who has met my mum, she is the tiniest person who looks extremely soft and dainty from the outside, but intensely full of fire and strength within.

To be soft, but strong: because so much of life is characterized by supple softness, growth, and the ability to adapt.  By watching my mum, that's ultimately what she has taught me to aspire to become.