Leanne Wei

White lilies

White lilies remind me of my mum.  They are her favourite flowers and growing up, I remember how she would always pick up a bouquet from Woolies every other week.  We didn't have a huge space, but I loved the way white lilies would instantly brighten up our home.  To me, it was her signature touch.  Mum's favourite lily variety are tiger lilies.  I actually find the name to be quite fitting with who she represents as a person.  She wasn't a traditional asian tiger mom, per se, but - for anyone who has met my mum, she is the tiniest person who looks extremely soft and dainty from the outside, but intensely full of fire and strength within.

To be soft, but strong: because so much of life is characterized by supple softness, growth, and the ability to adapt.  By watching my mum, that's ultimately what she has taught me to aspire to become.