Leanne Wei

Tiffany & Co. | The new fragrance

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Ever wondered what Tiffany & Co. would smell like in a bottle?

The fragrance of mandarin, iris, patchouli and musk danced in the air as I entered Tiffany's fragrance launch event at The Highline Stages in New York City last night. As I admired the display, my initial thought was that there were three different Tiffany fragrances... but I later learned that these ingredients were all combined in one bottle, with the iris being the signature ingredient.

Developed by perfumer Daniela Andrier, I really think the new Tiffany & Co Eau de Parfum truly captures the essence of love and beauty of the Tiffany brand. Packaged in Tiffany's signature blue box, the glass bottle is carved in the shape of a diamond and filled with a delicate sparkling floral musk. The fragrance is centered around the scent of the iris, serving as the fragrance's signature ingredient as Tiffany's perfumer Daniela Andrier believed the iris flower has many facets, just like diamonds. How beautiful is that?

Three words to describe this fragrance? Radiant. Modern. Feminine. 

I can definitely see this becoming one of my new favorite scents.