Leanne Wei

Rooftop Summer Soiree with Fohrcard x Sweetgreen x Winc x Coastal

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fohr summer sweetgreen brooklyn grange table top
fohr summer sweetgreen brooklyn grange dinner
brooklyn grange dinner
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Top: Tobi | Shorts: Aritzia | Sandals: Kelso | Sunglasses: Coastal

I've been dreaming of visiting the Brooklyn Grange ever since I first discovered that there was actually a rooftop farm in NYC. I had lived vicariously through everyone's Instagram pictures for so long, but it was such an amazing experience to to finally make a personal visit on Wednesday night for dinner with Fohrcard, Sweetgreen, Winc and Coastal. 

I was welcomed by a lovely glass of  rosé courtesy of Winc when I arrived. One of the hardest things about attending influencer events is that I don't know anyone 95% of the time so I'm usually the awkward person in the corner on my camera/phone. But the universe was on my side on Wednesday and I became friends at first sight with Waikei (@waikeezy) at the wine table! She is super lovely and it's always SO nice to meet someone that you get along so well with right from the get go! 

The sun was shining in my eyes when I remembered that I forgot to bring sunglasses, but Waikei and I ended up chatting with the beautiful ladies from Coastal and guess what? They had everyone's sunglasses covered! Coastal - you guys are so awesome!! I love the aviator frames!

Dinner was served at 7pm, right after a few words from the wonderful James Nord (he looks and talks exactly the same way as he does on A Drink with James hahaha). We feasted on hummus + sourdough bread, cashew tofu, mexican elote, strawberry fields and spring chicken salads - all freshly made in house courtesy from the amazing team at Sweetgreen. We took pictures and laughed and talked and sipped on white wine and rose all night long... And when dessert time came, I tried OddFellows ice cream for the first time! The raspberry and strawberry basil were my fav. 

It was one of the hottest summer nights in New York this year, but being on a rooftop over sunset is an experience that is absolutely priceless.


Thank you so much to for this beautiful experience! 
FohrcardSweetgreenWincCoastal | Brooklyn Grange | OddFellows

Photos by me and Mark Asuncion