Leanne Wei

Yoghurt & Granola Tasting at Grace Street

Last week, Grace Street invited me for a menu tasting to try out a few items that could potentially be going on their new Spring/Summer menu.  As a coffee and dessert cafe, Grace Street is in the process of incorporating more breakfast options in addition to their fantastic dessert menu and what better way to begin than with a breakfast classic like granola and yoghurt!  I am a complete breakfast fanatic so I really couldn't have been more chuffed to be able to sample these goodies before the launch of Grace Street's new menu. 

With house-made granola and so many exciting non-traditional flavours like misugaru (grain powder), yujacha (honey citron), matcha (stone ground Japanese green tea) and black sesame, it's a play on the classic granola and yoghurt breakfast with a delectable Asian twist.  The flavour combinations are so unique and delicious and every spoonful was packed with crunch.  Colin from Grace Street was very kind to spend a couple of hours talking me through the flavours and my two favourites were a tie between matcha and black sesame.  I grew up eating my mom's black sesame porridge so I am partial to black sesame's rich, nutty flavour.  This was my first time trying matcha flavoured yoghurt - I must say the taste is subtler in yoghurt form and absolutely delightful combined with honey.  Visually, I think matcha gives off such a beautiful natural colour and it's also a superfood packed with wonderful healing properties of chlorophyll and amino acids.  

This was such a fun experience and of course, I couldn't leave without sneaking in a fresh Ho-Dduk, Grace Street's signature Korean style doughnut filled with walnuts, cinnamon and melted brown sugar!  Thank you, Colin & Grace Street for having me and I can't wait to see what ends up on the menu!