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Skin Laundry


I did my laundry last weekend.  Not just any laundry, though.  I'm talking about skin laundry. 

The amount of dirt, toxins and impurities that live on our skin can be shocking when you find out just how clogged your pores are without even realizing it.  Living in big cities like New York or Hong Kong doesn't help either.  That's why it's so important to remember to deep clean. 

From my understanding, Skin Laundry uses a technology involving laser and light therapy to vaporize dirt and toxins from the surface of the skin to really give your pores a deep clean, and I had my first laser light facial treatment with the Skin Laundry team over at Le Parker Meridien last weekend for the first time.  The process was super quick and simple: 15-20 minutes is all you need.  

The first part of the treatment as the laser.  It took me a little off guard because honestly speaking, I really wasn't expecting the sort of sensation I felt on my face.  It was like millions of micro electric pulses jumping up and down on my face.  It was sort of like... pop rock candy crackling your mouth?  Except on your face.  It definitely wasn't super painful, but it was an unusual sensation (for me).  I also noticed a burning smell during the laser treatment, but I was assured that it was the dirt and impurities melting away, and not my skin or hair being burnt.  The laser part of the treatment was done twice, then we moved on to a mini facial which was cooling and gentle and felt SO GOOD after the laser treatment.  I also took home some Skin Laundry goodies which I am very excited to try out for the next few weeks.  I chose the Rejuvenation Essentials Kit to add a little boost to my evening beauty routine and the package includes:

- Renewing Eye Cream
- Night Renew Treatment
- Restoring Night Serum
- Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Facial Masks

If you're interested in trying it out, Skin Laundry is currently giving FREE facials to all new customers!  They have locations in California, Arizona, New York and Hong Kong. Feel free to visit www.skinlaundry.com for more information! 

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