Leanne Wei

Peach picking at Alstede Farm


It's hard to believe that we're already in the middle of August. I was chatting to Jane about my trip to Europe in September and it suddenly hit us both that I only have about a month left before I will be jetting off again. She showed me her summer bucket list and we immediate decided that we absolutely have to go peach picking before the end of the season! And that's exactly what we ended up doing last week Sunday. 

We got a group of friends and the doggies and made our way to Alstede Farms in New Jersey where we got to pick our own peaches! Aside from a few of us getting mild allergic reactions to peach fuzz, it was so fun eating peaches straight off the trees! We went a little over board though and ended up spending about $47 on a giant box of hand picked peaches... But it's okay, there will just be lots of peach pies to come! 

It can sometimes be difficult to find dog friendly places, but I'm so happy we got to bring Marshmallow on our little peach picking adventure to Alstede Farms!