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Address: Oranienpl. 14, 10999 Berlin, Germany


Hello from Spain, everyone!  I'm currently in Madrid on a 6 hour layover (*sigh*) and thought this would be a great time to catch up on a little on this blog.  I have so many photos I want to share from my recent trip to Portugal, but I still have some Berlin posts that I want to first catch up on in attempt to er, comply with my OCD-ness/post my journey in chronological order! :)  I've had these photos edited for a while but for some reason, I've just had no words to go along with it.  I went through a huge creative block recently, but I think I'm finally getting my feelers back (I hope).  The most important thing I'm reminding myself to do everyday right now is to live in the present, sensitize and take it easy one day at a time. 

So, back to the food.  You guys might remember my trip to Germany a few months ago.  I was in Berlin for a couple of weeks with Tara Stiles for Strala yoga and I ended up hanging out with my friend Chloe (@_tinychloe) from NYC who was studying abroad in Berlin!  When Chloe suggested that we have brunch at ORA, she explained that the place is an old pharmacy transformed into a cafe and cocktail bar.  I browsed some pictures online and thought, "cool concept", but the photos DO NOT do this place justice because my jaw literally dropped to the floor as soon as I walked in the door (which was actually hard to find).  But seriously, it's that stunning. 

What we ordered:

-2 x cappuccinos
-cinnamon roll (SO GOOD!)
-sourdough toast topped with kale, walnut and poached egg
-cauliflower salad

The coffee was strong.  The food was delicious.  There was zero wait time around mid-morning (I think we went around 11ish?).  Our server was also very attentive (and he was really cute, too). 

Overall, this was such a great place to hang out and definitely MUST visit if you're a brunch (or cocktail) person.  We munched and chatted here for a few hours before Chloe got me to leave by mentioning ice cream.