Leanne Wei

Gramforacause at Riverside Park with New York Cares

Over this past weekend, I joined Gramforacause and New York Cares for their very first volunteer meet taking care of the gardens at Riverside Park.  For those of you are curious, Gramforacause is a new community I recently discovered: a group of passionate Instagrammers, nonprofits and social enterprises telling their stories together through photography. 

Revitilize Riverside Park was the first voluteer meet up event where we spent the morning weeding and planting and taking care of the gardens.  I had a fantastic time meeting new faces and getting to know Denise and Gloria, the forces behind Gramforacause.  We had a great time gardening and shoveling while learning what's a weed and what's not before bonding over tacos and sweet potato fries over lunch after the volunteer event.  As a tree hugger, New York City parks are amongst some of my favourite places in NYC.  I'm so glad to have been able to take part in such a wonderful experience!

Whether you are an Instagrammer, a non-profit with a great mission, or someone who would like to volunteer your time to a great cause, I'd highly recommend that you get in touch with Gramforcause