Leanne Wei

Chinese New Year | Macro Bowl

The months of a secular year are coordinated by the cycles of the moon.  Tomorrow marks the first day of the Chinese lunisolar calendar, welcoming the Chinese New Year - a century old tradition based on the cyclical rating governed by the new moon.  A complete cycle, according to the Chinese calendar, takes 60 years and consists of 5 cycles of 12 years each.  Each of the 12 years are named after an animal.  Legend has it that Buddha had called for all the animals to come before him before he departed from the earth, but only 12 animals came to offer him farewell.  As a token, Lord Buddha named a year after each of these animals in the order they arrived.  This year is the year of the sheep (羊).

Traditionally, dinner is a feast of seafood and dumplings, but being a veggie, I think this works just as well!  Wishing all of you who are celebrating a year of love, good fortune, health and prosperity!