Leanne Wei


When I first moved to New York about four years ago, I lived in Murray Hill for just over two years where I was literally a three minute walk away from the best thin crust pizza restaurant in New York: Vezzo. Looking back, I didn't realize how lucky I was until I moved away. Now I have to travel 40 minutes to get there. I've been to Vezzo so many times that our waiters already know what we're going to order: my favourite beet and goat cheese salad (simply the BEST), a pear spinach salad and a large chickpotle thin crust pizza (light on the cheese and heavy on the pineapple). When I really want to indulge, we would also order a side of warm garlic bread. At Vezzo, the garlic bread is only served with garlic butter so we would specifically request for some fresh finely chopped garlic on top, which the kitchen staff gladly does most of the time.

I have so many great memories at this cozy little pizzeria on Lexington and 31st Street. The food is always consistent, the staff is great and I love that they serve organic wine. The salads are amazingly fresh, colourful and tossed with just the right amount of dressing. The textures of the pizzas are just the right balance between thin and crispy. Sometimes I wonder how it's possible to get the crust so thin. But the mystery remains and that's why I love it. The dinner of champions, I tell you. Vezzo is my ultimate comfort food zone. I always walk out having a massive food baby, but a very happy food baby. If I had to have a last meal on earth, this would probably be it. 

Photos by Leanne Wei