Leanne Wei

Organic Herb Basket

If you've spent as much as 5 minutes talking to me, you'd probably know about my obsession with food, plants and flowers. I love the idea of having fresh organic produce growing in my own garden. In fact, my dream is to (hopefully) have a rooftop garden in New York one day. Yes, I know I can just buy herbs and tomatoes at the supermarket, but the idea of being able to walk outside and pick my own veggies just makes me happy - and happiness we must follow! 

I was originally making this herb basket as a wedding gift, but my heart just couldn't part with it so I ended up keeping it for myself (please don't tell). My basket of herby goodness is now sitting happily on my fire escape garden ready for harvest whenever the occasions arise in my kitchen.

This tutorial is very simple. Just follow the direction below and click on the individual pictures to see a larger image.

What you'll need

  • A basket
  • An old t-shirt/towel
  • A bag of potting soil
  • A spoon/spade
  • Herbs of your choice - I used thyme, dill, basil, parsley, sage and cilantro
  • Water, love and sunshine


  1. Using an old towel or t-shirt, line the inside of your basket. 
  2. Fill the basket half way with soil. 
  3. Take your herbs out of their individual containers, loosen the roots and place them to the basket while covering the remaining half of the basket with potting soil.
  4. Repeat with all herbs.
  5. Tuck the edges of the towel and water to set the soil.