Leanne Wei

Farm to People

Ever since watching the eye-opening documentary Food. Inc, two years ago, I have become a huge advocate for sustainable food and farming. As a plant-based cooking enthusiast, I’m passionate about food and discovering unique flavours. But cooking isn’t just cooking. It’s also about knowing who grows your food and where it comes from. In addition to factory farming and the inhumane treatment of animals, there are so many products in the modern supermarket today that are filled with industrial food products contaminated with GMOs, carcinogens, artificial flavouring, preservatives and chemical concoctions. I honestly think it’s really important to know what’s in your food and I personally love supporting local farmers and organic producers who value people and the planet. I also love all things hand-made. In short, I love real food. In a world filled with a large handful of massive, powerful food corporations feeding the world with overly processed foods, it’s difficult to find companies who align with these values. That’s why when Farm to People reached out to me for a collaboration, I fell over the moon.

All products at Farm To People adhere to 5 Baseline Standards
Locally crafted   -   NO GMO   -   Small Batch   -   Nothing Artificial   -   Humanely Raised


Farm To People is an online curated marketplace where you can shop for high quality, hand-made, artisanal foods sourced from the finest small-batch producers in the Northeast. They are a company that completely align with my values of delivering fresh, high quality and GMO-free foods while participating in supporting a transparent food system. Best of all, you will never find a synthetic alternative or an unpronounceable chemical in anything you buy from Farm to People.  Because quality can never be produced in mass production, all products curated by Farm To People are sourced from small batch producers, which guarantees that you will receive high quality products made with genuine love, passion and attention to detail. 

The wonderful team at Farm to People sent me a lovely box of exciting goodies. From blueberry chutney and fig & onion jam to raw wildflower honey and maple cotton candy, our taste buds are definitely in for a treat! I will be experimenting with these goodies over the next two weeks so please subscribe below to have the recipes delivered straight to your inbox!

Fig & Onion Jam by Anarchy in a Jar  |   Nectarine Jam with Fresh Rosemary by Christina Maser  |  Blueberry Chutney by Hill 'n Hallow

Ready to get shopping? Here’s how it works.

You curate your "crate" - or shopping cart - and Farm To People will take care of the rest! If you live in the US, they will ship your goodies right to your door! Visit www.farmtopeople.com to learn more.


Photos by Leanne Wei