Leanne Wei

Mike & Alicia

"O love, so long as you can love."

Franz Liszt


I still remember the first time I met Alicia and Michael. The first thing I noticed was the amount of love and admiration they had for each other. From the way he doted on her to the way her face beamed with joy every time she talked about him, they were completely smitten. This love still remains today. Yesterday marked a very special day as friends and family gathered from all parts of the world to witness the coming together of this amazing power couple. 

With just two weeks to put the wedding together, Mike and Alicia really outdid themselves. "Mike build everything from the ground up, from the structure of our reception to lighting. We did our own drapes, decorated our white little arbour, made our own wedding cake together, and worked in the yard till 2 hours before the wedding."  Well, from your beautiful white arbour to your mason jar flowers, cookies and cupcakes, I personally loved everything about your wedding, Alicia. It makes me truly happy to have been able to spend such a beautiful wedding day with the both of you.

Sam Keen once said, “We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” I think to find someone who loves you for who are you so completely and unconditionally is truly a gift sent from heaven. You are lucky to have found each other. Through all your adventures in Singapore to new beginnings in the USA, I know the changes haven't been easy, but I know that the struggles have made your love for each other more passionate and stronger than ever before. Love each other, so long as you can. 


Photos by Leanne Wei