Leanne Wei

Heidi Bischoff

I was going through my archives a couple of weeks ago when I discovered this picture I almost forgot about from a shoot I did last year. The weather didn't exactly go quite as planned that day and we ended up shooting indoors. Despite the not so great lighting, I must say I really love this moment that Chris captured. I'm usually much more drawn to bright, airy lighting but I must say the mood and shadows in this composition really compliment the overall aesthetic of this dress. Here I'm wearing a knit dress by the lovely Heidi Bischoff from her FIT senior knitwear collection. Having had lived with Heidi for the past two years, I've pretty much counted up the hundreds of hours that was spent for this senior collection. This dress is hand knit and hand dyed using a blend of 100% organic cotton and natural fibers. It also took through hours and hours of hard work, blood, sweat and tears. 

For anyone who knows me, I have an inexplicable love for chunky knits and sweaters - and an even bigger love for anything handmade. There's just something so unique and special about handmade things that simply cannot be manufactured. Perhaps it's the fact that no two items will ever be the same? In a world of mass production, it's quite rare to find a really special piece of garment that nobody else has. Soft, lightweight and delicate, what I adore about knitwear is the fun and creativity you can exude through colours, yarns and textures. Simply gorgeous and unconventionally beautiful, this is a pretty unique piece that I definitely wouldn't mind keeping if I ever get the chance to borrow it permanently in my wardrobe.

Dress by Heidi Bischoff
Photo by CME Photography