Leanne Wei

Singapore Diary

As my first time visiting Singapore, I must say I've never seen so many pretty Asian girls per square meter as I've seen in Singapore in my life! They were EVERYWHERE ( I didn't want to appear creepy so no secret photos :)  From the airport to the subways to Orchard street, I was surrounded by these beautiful creatures that I admitted to myself that if I were ever to relive my next life as a man, Singapore is where I would be making my way! Along with all the pretty girls, Singapore is so clean. So very clean! Eating and drinking is not permitted in stores and public transportation. I wasn't aware of this and walking into a store with a bottle of water in hand and got shooed out. I hear it's a pretty hefty fine if you get caught littering. I wonder if that kind of reinforcement would ever work in New York?

My original plan was to spend a week in Singapore, but because of the haze situation that had shifted from Indonesia, I extended my stay in Malaysia and only spend 3 days in Singapore instead. I was happy to find that the air had cleared up decently by the time I arrived in Singapore, so that was definitely great news for me! If there is one thing I love about Asia, it's the delicious food, shopping and the night markets! I can spend hours looking at cute accessories and sampling every edible substance.