Leanne Wei

Printemps Paris

One of the most exciting features on the academic calendar during my studies abroad at FIT in Florence was our Paris field trip to Printemps. We left Florence and Polimoda for a week, and took an overnight train to Paris. It was my first time taking an overnight train, but luckily, I had the most fantastic bunch of girls to keep me company. The students were split up into groups. The fashion merchandising management girls went one way and my fashion design class got one of the Printemps staff members to walk us through the store, as well as talk us through the process of creating the visual displays and the kind of work they had put in the make these incredible store fronts. It's hours and hours and hours of sourcing props, styling and merchandising. For those who don't necessary work directly in fashion, everything might seem very glitzy and glamourous, but it's honestly a whole lot more work than it seems. However, the results are definitely worth it. 

We got a Printemps presentation as part of our visit, learning about the history of the mega department store, how they got started and their journey which got them to where they are today. It was definitely very inspiring. I remembered in the end, Printemps invited us to apply for their internship positions. My heart started singing with excitement until they mentioned French language skills as a requirement, and then I sank back into a puddle. If only I had enough memory space in my brain to pack in both French and Italian during my year abroad.