Leanne Wei

Home sweet home

The best things about living with designers? Well, in addition to making beautiful clothes and sketching amazing designs, they also know how to reupholster couches and make beautiful, fluffy pillows.

This winter has definitely been going on for too long, but luckily for us, we got to see a little peak of sunshine last week Saturday and I took a few snaps of our apartment. It's so cozy and lovingly set out and decorated by my awesome roomies - I really can't take any credit at all except for taking the pictures. My favourite part of the apartment is our open kitchen overlooking the living room, which is always drenched with warmth and golden sunshine whenever the sun graces us with his presence.

After whining about how much I want a rooftop garden to basically every single person I know, I've decided that I'm going to create mini herb and veggie garden on our emergency exit next to the window once the weather gets warmer no matter what my landlord has to say. Perhaps some parsley, basil, jalapenos, tomatoes, tulips and chives? I'm getting so happy just thinking about it. I promise to update once spring arrives!