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Best of Highland

As part of my journey to the Cameron Highlands, it would not be complete without a visit to the beautiful BOH Tea Plantation. This was probably my favourite part of the trip. I never realized how excited I would be to visit an actual tea farm. Most people would probably think that it doesn't look much different than patches of grass scattered across the valleys, but I have to say that these pictures don't even begin to do it justice. The air, the earth and the colours felt so tranquil, serene and rejuvenating. As I looked down at the 8000 acres of Camellia Sinensis growing across the highlands, it was hard to believe that this tea plantation in Malaysia is actually considered one of the smallest tea farms in the world. The next thing that's going down on my bucket list is to visit a couple of tea farms in China and India. Now, if only I could grow a tea garden…

Bibimguksu (with spaghetti noodles)

Highland Guesthouse