Leanne Wei

Guilt Free Bakery Korea

Christmas came a little early for me this year from Lisa and the lovely team at Guilt Free Bakery with a beautiful box of artisanal vegan muffins all the way from South Korea.  I have a weakness for baked goods. Truthfully speaking, it's one of the biggest reasons why I have been struggling to go completely vegan, but Guilt Free Bakery is here to make healthy and guilt-free eating a little easier for me this holiday season. I fell in love with Guilt Free after my interview with Guilt Free Bakery owner Lisa Lee earlier this year and it gives me so much pleasure to finally be able to sample some of Lisa's delicious baking that has been handcrafted with so much love and care. I  truly admire people who do what they do with passion to make the world a better place and Lisa is a true example of that.

With winter approaching in New York, there's nothing cozier than intimate tea parties at home. With delightful and classic flavours like banana chocolate chip, carrot, early grey, pumpkin & fig and double chocolate chip, Guilt Free Bakery's vegan muffins were the perfect pairing for my cozy tea date.