Leanne Wei

Dinner at Le Café des Artistes

Crab with mizuna, cucumber-tarragon.

Crab with mizuna, cucumber-tarragon.

Tucked under the beautiful Les Etangs des Corot hotel in Versailles, Le Café des Artistes is a cozy and gorgeous space serving delicious modernized bistro dishes. Dinner time was a lovely experience - service was friendly and attentive, and although the menu was only available in French, the staff had been so kind and patient to translate every item on the menu for me line by line, even making some really wonderful recommendations.  

Crab with mizuna, cucumber-tarragon.

Crab with mizuna, cucumber-tarragon.

For the first course, I asked for something pretty. My waitress recommended chair de crabe à la mizuna, concombre-estragon on the menu, which translates to crab with mizuna (also known as Japanese mustard greens), cucumber-tarragon. It was a cold dish that struck me as sort of like a green gazpacho. I loved the flavour combination of the crab, mizuna, cucumber and tarragon combined with the strips of Granny Smith apples. It gave it a clean, refreshing, sweet and sour taste. 

Hake loin with parsley + gnocchis.

Hake loin with parsley + gnocchis.

For the main course, I went with dos de merlu au persil + gnocchis, or hake loin with parsley and gnocchis. The key word that struck me here was "gnocchi" because I'm a sucker for dumplings. I thought this would be more on the "light" side, but I was surprised at how filling it was before I was even half way through the meal. I still finished though. The sauce paired with the hake and gnocchi was delicious. 

Roasted peach and hazelnut cream with sorbet.

Roasted peach and hazelnut cream with sorbet.

Now, I don't know about you but I honestly think I have a second stomach for dessert because no matter how full I am, I always make room for dessert... and tonight was no exception.  My choice of dessert for the evening was pêche rôtie au four et crème noisette: roasted peach and hazelnut cream (with sorbet). The peach was perfectly roasted with fresh cream sandwiched in between. I wasn't too crazy about the hazelnut creme (maybe because it was a little on the heavy side and I was already full), but the sorbet paired really well with the peach and gave such a fruity and refreshing taste in my mouth to seal off the meal. 


Checking in: Les Etangs de Corot

les etangs de corot garden.JPG
les etangs de corot garden.JPG1.JPG
les etangs de corot garden.JPG2.JPG
les etangs de corot1.jpg
les etangs de corot room.jpg
les etangs de corot wall.jpg
les etangs de corot bathroom.jpg
les etangs de corot shower.jpg
les etangs de corot caudalie
les etangs de corot bathtub.jpg
les etangs de corot wallpaper.jpg
les etangs de corot desk.jpg
les etangs de corot lake view.JPG
les etangs de corot master suite.jpg

Last week, I left New York City and made a little escape to Versailles to the beautiful Les Etangs de Corot.  This 4 star hotel is a gorgeous haven of lush greens, calm and beauty. Situated just a stone throw away from Paris, I was able to fly into Charles de Gaulle airport and make a short 45 minute drive to Versaille after landing.  

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the front desk during check-in and the lovely staff offered to help me get my giant pieces of luggage to my room.  I was then taken on a quick tour of the hotel and the facilities before being shown my room. As we entered the suite, it turned out that it was still in the process of being cleaned so I decided to spend some time in the gorgeous garden to get some air, catch up on a few emails and take some photos. 

Once the room was ready, I made my way to the suite and just admired the room in all its beauty. If you watched my Instagram story, you'd probably remember that beautiful lake view I showed from my room. It was absolutely breathtaking and I couldn't believe how lucky I was to be able to have a personal lake view in Versailles like it.  The design and decor were so opulent - I was obsessed with the wallpaper and the attention to detail put into the whole experience.  I particularly enjoyed the artwork - there were even drawings of Degas' ballerina studies framed on the wall!

The bathroom was great. The robes were fluffy. All the toiletries were Caudalie. It was a rainy day and I had some time to spare before dinner and I was tempted between either taking a giant bubble bath or taking a dip in the jacuzzi at the Caudalie spa downstairs... Obviously the jacuzzi won!:) I took some time to relax in solitude and I was SO lucky to be at the spa just at the right time to have the entire jacuzzi to myself. I was freezing after getting out the jacuzzi so I looked for the steam room and drank some lemon spa water they had. This place just gets me. 

I totally lost track of time and it was 7:30pm before I knew it, so I scrambled back my room to get ready for my 8pm dinner reservation. Luckily, the restaurant was right downstairs... but I was still 15 minutes late! 

I will be sharing my dining experience at Le Café des Artistes so check back for my next post!

A day in Fire Island

honey & velvet flowers on fire island

We went island hopping for Memorial Day this year... From the island of Manhattan to Fire Island, that is - and I had the perfect linen wrap dress in mind for the occasion. The day started off cool and cloudy in NYC, but the temperature ended up soaring once the sun peeked out around midday.  I love wearing linen and cotton on days like these.  The fabric keeps my skin feeling cool and I love how cute and comfortable this little wrap dress from Tobi makes me feel. I'm 5'2 (158cm) and I find XS to fit really well for petite frames. I had also purchased these white leather sandals from Kelso at Edgars during my last trip back to South Africa and this was my first time taking them out for a spin. I have to say... It generally takes a couple of cuts and blisters to for me wear into leather shoes and sandals, but these were SO comfy right from the first wear. 

leanne wei honey & velvet tobi elaine linen grey wrap skater dress
fire island house

And pretty doorways!

honey and velvet coffee and cashmere

If you think you're seeing a familiar face here, that's because you are! This is my beautiful friend Felicia from Coffee & Cashmere, who is also the co-hosts of Off The Great Wall on YouTube.  I've never told her this in person, but I think she looks a little like Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Girl. Does anyone else think so??

leanne wei honey & velvet tobi wrap dress

Black tote bag from Dorarrium


Arriving at Ocean Beach.

ocean beach
leanne wei honey and velvet
leanne wei honey & velvet covry

Red swimsuit from American Apparel | Necklace from Swarovski | Sunglasses from Covry

Up until stealing Felicia's sunglasses that day, I had NEVER worn a pair of sunglasses that fit me better than these shades from Covry. Honestly speaking, it feels like every pair of sunglasses I have ever owned are always sliding down my face or just sitting on my cheekbones because I don't have a high bridge on my nose as a typical Asian girl. BUT, I hear that the sunglasses by Covry are actually designed to fit Asian faces. CAN I HAVE A PAIR OF COVRY IN EVERY COLOR PLEASE? 

fire island ocean beach

Sadly, we lost TWO pairs of sunglasses by the end of the day.  I was wearing Fel's Covrys and because they fit so well, I thought there was no chance they would fall off my face.  But we had NO IDEA about the kind of crazy waves we were getting ourselves into. The current was insane. I got washed out and rolled in a couple of summersaults underwater before barely making it out alive. Thomas try to rescue Mia's Ray Bans after a similar experience, but he emerged out of the water with nothing more than two handfuls of seashells and beach sand. 

beach day

Recovering and attempting to look composed after all the tumble turns. 

ocean beach

The light at 4:38pm.

leanne wei carthwheels

Ending the day with cartwheels, because... Why not?! I lost count of all the takes we took because we were not in sync. My cartwheels sucked, but I'm really surprised I could still do them!  I didn't even care about how silly we looked going upside down.  It was so fun rolling around and having fun like a kid again. Thank you Thomas for this shot! 

fire island

By the end of the day, we started making our way back to catch the ferry back to Manhattan...

ice castle fire island
ice castle fire island ice cream

But not before making an ice cream stop for mint chocolate chip and chocolate cookie dough!

mint and lavender fire island

Mint and lavender.  I always love admiring people's yards and little gardens. 

fire island beach house

There were so many cute beach houses in walking distance to the beach on Fire Island. Perhaps we could stay here one day. 

fire island ocean beach

Thanks for a great day. Until next time, Fire Island! 

In the Hamptons with Purewow

leanne wei honey and velvet purewow hamptons

No summer in New York is complete without a trip to the Hamptons... So, when PureWow invited me to their Hamptons Party last weekend - there was no way I could say no. 

purewow hamptons hydrangea house 1

We were welcomed by a sea of hydrangeas surrounding the house when we arrived.  This was simply the most gorgeous house I have ever laid my eyes on in Southampton.

purewow hamptons hydrangea house

If you watch the TV show BILLIONS, you may notice that this is the same house where they film the show.  My eyes were swooning!

purewow hamptons hydrangea house summer

Hydrangea on hydrangea on hydrangea.

purewow hamptons house

It was such a fun and beautiful day filled with tons of unique activities with several Fortune 100 brand partners at PureWow. 

honeyandvelvet purewow itsbyu leanne wei

Here I am arranging my own pretty DIY bouquet with itsbyu. Can you tell I have a thing with flowers? :) 

purewow hamptons hydrangea house leanne wei honeyandvelvet

Also, HOW ADORABLE is this hydrangea floatie??

leanne wei honey & velvet purewow
leanne wei honeyandvelvet itsbyu purewow hamptons

In my natural element... Always the happiest surrounded by plants and summer blooms. 

sing for hope purewow honeyandvelvet

We got to enjoy some beautiful performances with these gorgeous pianos from Sing For Hope. 

purewow hamptons

Enjoying the sunshine and schmoozing by the pool. 

purewow honeyandvelvet

I was starving by lunch time and packed my plate with avocado, cous-cous, watermelon & heirloom tomato salad, corn and asparagus! I also got myself the cutest golden tattoo thanks to the ladies at Shea Moisture

purewow honeyandvelvet sugarfina

Dropped by to pick up some afternoon treats with Sugarfina

leanne wei jane jang purewow hamptons

Jane and I taking a few snaps here at the giant PureWow Flower wall. Can you guess how many roses??

purewow hamptons honeyandvelvet hydrangeas

I couldn't imagine a better way of spending my Saturday...

honeyandvelvet hamptons purewow

Dipping our toes...

leanne wei honeyandvelvet purewow hamptons

Strolling down our private walkway to the beach... 

honeyandvelvet purewow rose margarita hamptons

And enjoying an ice cold glass of rosé margarita on the beach.

leanne wei honey and velvet hamptons purewow

Thank you PureWow for the most incredible day in the Hamptons! :)