Leanne Wei

Lunch at Muji


If there's one place I can spend hours getting lost in, it's definitely in Muji. I love the beauty of the simplicity in their philosophy, products and designs. It's no wonder that they'd approach food the same way. Back in New York, I'd always step into Muji just to smell the calming scent of the essential oils from the diffusers and air humidifiers. Does anyone else do that too, or is it just me? I love the way Muji smells, and I'm obsessed with how neat and simple everything looks. It was sort of like a chance for me to take a few minutes to slow down and absorb the beauty surrounding me in such a calm and relaxing space. 

I'd never come across a Muji Diner in New York or any of the cities I've visited in Europe before, so imagine my EXCITEMENT when I found this beautiful gem in the middle of Shanghai. I love the way the entire space is designed: four floors of Muji to shop and the top floor in the layout of a shop, library, gallery and cafe combined. In fact, this Muji flagship in Shanghai on Huaihai Road happens to actually be the largest Muji store in the world.

I parked myself on a table next to the bright sunny windows and ordered one of their lunch menu sets with three dishes (RMB58) which includes two mains and a salad which also comes with soup and rice. As my first dining experience at Muji, I have to say I'm not disappointed at all. The food was healthy and delicious - and I appreciate the use of fresh, colourful ingredients - naturally and simply made. Oh, and I just have to add that I love that the miso soup was served in a cup. 


Muji Diner
Address: 3/F, 755 Huaihai Zhong Lu (near Ruijin Er Lu) 淮海中路755号3楼 (近瑞金二路)