Leanne Wei

Lumene Valo

Do you ever have those days when your skin just feels super tired? I do. I’ve been brightening and re-energizing my skincare routine with Lumene's VALO collection to fuel my tired skin. Through Nordic superfruit, arctic cloudberry, this line is packed with Vitamin-C and antioxidants.

The word "valo" means "light" in Finnish. Through this skincare collection, Valo blends the natural goodness of the rare Arctic Cloudberry, a wild super-fruit  packed with Vitamin A, C, E and Fatty Acids with an extra dose of stabilized bio-available Vitamin C to create the powerful hydrating Nordic-C Complex. It helps boost skin energy, enhance radiance and improve complexion evenness. Valo formulas also contain pH friendly Pure Arctic Spring Water, protecting and moisturizing agents to maximize skin’s natural healthy glow instantly and day after day.

The entire collection feels luxurious, and I really love the Arctic Berry Cocktail Oil in particular. Not only does the two tone look beautiful, this bottle is also packed with antioxidant-rich and carefully extracted cranberry and Arctic cloudberry seed oils. My skin tends to lean more on oily side, and the Valo skincare collection hydrates my skin beautifully without making me feel greasy at all. It's my first time using Nordic skincare and I adore the purity and potency of the naturally derived ingredients found throughout Finland and infused in all of Lumene's products. 

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