Leanne Wei

Checking in: Les Etangs de Corot

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Last week, I left New York City and made a little escape to Versailles to the beautiful Les Etangs de Corot.  This 4 star hotel is a gorgeous haven of lush greens, calm and beauty. Situated just a stone throw away from Paris, I was able to fly into Charles de Gaulle airport and make a short 45 minute drive to Versaille after landing.  

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the front desk during check-in and the lovely staff offered to help me get my giant pieces of luggage to my room.  I was then taken on a quick tour of the hotel and the facilities before being shown my room. As we entered the suite, it turned out that it was still in the process of being cleaned so I decided to spend some time in the gorgeous garden to get some air, catch up on a few emails and take some photos. 

Once the room was ready, I made my way to the suite and just admired the room in all its beauty. If you watched my Instagram story, you'd probably remember that beautiful lake view I showed from my room. It was absolutely breathtaking and I couldn't believe how lucky I was to be able to have a personal lake view in Versailles like it.  The design and decor were so opulent - I was obsessed with the wallpaper and the attention to detail put into the whole experience.  I particularly enjoyed the artwork - there were even drawings of Degas' ballerina studies framed on the wall!

The bathroom was great. The robes were fluffy. All the toiletries were Caudalie. It was a rainy day and I had some time to spare before dinner and I was tempted between either taking a giant bubble bath or taking a dip in the jacuzzi at the Caudalie spa downstairs... Obviously the jacuzzi won!:) I took some time to relax in solitude and I was SO lucky to be at the spa just at the right time to have the entire jacuzzi to myself. I was freezing after getting out the jacuzzi so I looked for the steam room and drank some lemon spa water they had. This place just gets me. 

I totally lost track of time and it was 7:30pm before I knew it, so I scrambled back my room to get ready for my 8pm dinner reservation. Luckily, the restaurant was right downstairs... but I was still 15 minutes late! 

I will be sharing my dining experience at Le CafΓ© des Artistes so check back for my next post!