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Featuring BuffBake Double Chocolate Protein Cookies

I have a serious weakness for chocolate, and thank goodness for these BuffBake double chocolate protein sandwich cookies handcrafted with delicious and clean ingredients: think creamy protein chocolate peanut spread sandwiched between two crispy chocolate protein cookies. I love that they contain no GMO, artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives. Want to try a cookie? My friends at iHerb are giving new customers a discount HERE.


Brunch & matcha pancakes at MA Matcha

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Last weekend was the last week my friends and I got to have brunch with our dear friend EJ (@hangryasians) all together as a group before she flew off to California for her exciting new adventure in LA. We gathered together at Liang & Roberto's gorgeous apartment and had a special morning filled with my favourite things: food, flowers, tea and conversations. 

Liang made us each a four-layer matcha pancake drenched in decadent matcha coconut cream, topped off with fresh strawberries and fluffy whipped cream. Roberto made us strawberry, blueberry and banana smoothies. We also had peonies and a polaroid camera.  What more could a girl want on a Sunday morning?

It was a chilly-ish days, but we couldn't stay away from the patio with all of Liang's new plants growing so we decided to sit outside and catch all the rays of sunshine we could get. It felt like an exclusive dining experience on our very own private terrace that we joked that perhaps Liang should host private brunch events for MA Matcha - which was funny because we actually all got so many DMs from people asking where this "brunch place" was from people who had watched our Instagram stories. But on a serious note, if you're curious for a tasting experience involving Liang's matcha waffles and pancakes - just shoot her a message and let her know. I'm sure she can hook you up! :) 


Chinese Tea Ceremony at 隐茶茗月

I like to spend my Sundays with people who energize me. Whether it's having tea, brunch or dinner, I try to make it a weekly ritual to spend time to reconnect with close friends.  My Sunday morning yesterday was spent sipping Chinese tea over conversation with my dear friend Yuham at a gorgeous little tea house called 隐茶茗月 inside Huaihai755. I arrived a little early to snap some pictures before she arrived and I just fell in love with the decor, ambience and the amount of natural sunlight this place has. We got our own little elevated tea room with a sunroof and soaked up all the Vitamin D we so desperately needed after this long freezing winter in Shanghai. 

For the tea ceremony, we chose two types of teas: oolong and pu-er. The oolong was lovely - light, fruity, floral. It was a nice contrast to the bold and earthy taste of pu-er. Each tea comes with a set of light snacks which changes daily. Yesterday we got, savory popcorn, orange slices and mini toasty biscuits. 

I have no idea how time flies, but we ended up spending about three hours here before finally realizing how hungry we both were and went in search for lunch. I guess that's the thing - it's so easy to lose track of time when you spend it with people who energize you. And when two tea lovers come together, it's amazing to be around people who also love what you love. 

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chinese tea ceremony honeyandvelvet
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chinese tea house shanghai
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Address: 4th Floor, Xinhualian Building, 755 Huaihai Zhong Road

地址: 淮海中路755号新华联大厦四楼

Lunch at Muji


If there's one place I can spend hours getting lost in, it's definitely in Muji. I love the beauty of the simplicity in their philosophy, products and designs. It's no wonder that they'd approach food the same way. Back in New York, I'd always step into Muji just to smell the calming scent of the essential oils from the diffusers and air humidifiers. Does anyone else do that too, or is it just me? I love the way Muji smells, and I'm obsessed with how neat and simple everything looks. It was sort of like a chance for me to take a few minutes to slow down and absorb the beauty surrounding me in such a calm and relaxing space. 

I'd never come across a Muji Diner in New York or any of the cities I've visited in Europe before, so imagine my EXCITEMENT when I found this beautiful gem in the middle of Shanghai. I love the way the entire space is designed: four floors of Muji to shop and the top floor in the layout of a shop, library, gallery and cafe combined. In fact, this Muji flagship in Shanghai on Huaihai Road happens to actually be the largest Muji store in the world.

I parked myself on a table next to the bright sunny windows and ordered one of their lunch menu sets with three dishes (RMB58) which includes two mains and a salad which also comes with soup and rice. As my first dining experience at Muji, I have to say I'm not disappointed at all. The food was healthy and delicious - and I appreciate the use of fresh, colourful ingredients - naturally and simply made. Oh, and I just have to add that I love that the miso soup was served in a cup. 


Muji Diner
Address: 3/F, 755 Huaihai Zhong Lu (near Ruijin Er Lu) 淮海中路755号3楼 (近瑞金二路)