Leanne Wei

Behind the scenes | A look into La colombe's coffee roastery in Philly


If you missed my previous post, I got a chance to grab a cup of coffee with James Tooill from La Colombe and today I'll be giving you guys a peek behind the scenes into La Colombe's coffee roastery in Fishtown, Philadelphia.  


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I think New York is spoilt for choice when it comes to good coffee.  Even with all the amazing options available in NYC, my favourite is still La Colombe Coffee.

I've never realized how much work it was before, but after spending some time at the coffee roastery with the team at La Colombe in Philly, I've come to fully appreciate that the art of coffee roasting is serious business.  It involves a lot of machines, a lot of muscles and a lot of precision.  And it's definitely not as simple as it seems.  When you take a look at a handful of raw coffee beans, the flavour doesn't just come from where the bean is grown.  A lot of has to do with how the coffee is roasted to release its full potential.  If we compare a cup of coffee from an average coffee roaster to a cup of coffee from a skilled coffee roaster... Well, the difference would be quite obvious. 

During my week in Fishtown, I got a see how La Colombe roasted their coffee from bean to bag.  With every single detail controlled and monitored down to the T, it would be an understatement to say that La Colombe has certainly mastered the art of roasting coffee.  

I have to emphasize that it takes a lot more knowledge, skills, passion and equipment than most of us can even imagine...  All for the sake of changing the world, and of course, producing America's finest coffee.