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Be an Outsider With L.L.Bean

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Sponsored by L.L.Bean

It’s no secret that time spent outdoors in nature can bring out so much in us. But did you know that research shows that we spend 95% of our time indoors with nearly 50% of that time spent working? As someone who LOVES the outdoors in nature, parks, patios, gardens and green spaces, I was so excited to have the opportunity to join L.L.Bean for the media preview of their Be an Outsider at Work event in partnership with Industrious in New York City.

L.L.Bean and Industrious basically took over Madison Square Park and together, created the most epic and first-ever outdoor co-working space in NYC. With this initiative, the goal is to inspire more people to take their work outside. Why? Well, research shows that when we spend time outside, it actually helps us to increase our productivity, creativity and happiness levels. Being in nature also improves our moods, enhances relaxation, lowers our stress levels. And it makes sense, because I always find myself drawn to the desire of decompressing in green spaces after a long, hard day. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have probably seen some of the behind the scenes on my stories and got a good chuckle watching me working AND working out at the same time on the cycling desk. You seriously can't get more efficient than that! I really enjoyed the individual workspaces, collaborative conference areas and the outdoor office spaces - all complete with wifi and outlets. I'm definitely so impressed with the way the entire outdoor co-working space was designed by Industrious as well as the stylish, durable products from L.L.Bean that always make it easy and enjoyable for us to fully experience the shared joy of being outside. 


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