Leanne Wei

A day in Fire Island

honey & velvet flowers on fire island

We went island hopping for Memorial Day this year... From the island of Manhattan to Fire Island, that is - and I had the perfect linen wrap dress in mind for the occasion. The day started off cool and cloudy in NYC, but the temperature ended up soaring once the sun peeked out around midday.  I love wearing linen and cotton on days like these.  The fabric keeps my skin feeling cool and I love how cute and comfortable this little wrap dress from Tobi makes me feel. I'm 5'2 (158cm) and I find XS to fit really well for petite frames. I had also purchased these white leather sandals from Kelso at Edgars during my last trip back to South Africa and this was my first time taking them out for a spin. I have to say... It generally takes a couple of cuts and blisters to for me wear into leather shoes and sandals, but these were SO comfy right from the first wear. 

leanne wei honey & velvet tobi elaine linen grey wrap skater dress
fire island house

And pretty doorways!

honey and velvet coffee and cashmere

If you think you're seeing a familiar face here, that's because you are! This is my beautiful friend Felicia from Coffee & Cashmere, who is also the co-hosts of Off The Great Wall on YouTube.  I've never told her this in person, but I think she looks a little like Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Girl. Does anyone else think so??

leanne wei honey & velvet tobi wrap dress

Black tote bag from Dorarrium


Arriving at Ocean Beach.

ocean beach
leanne wei honey and velvet
leanne wei honey & velvet covry

Red swimsuit from American Apparel | Necklace from Swarovski | Sunglasses from Covry

Up until stealing Felicia's sunglasses that day, I had NEVER worn a pair of sunglasses that fit me better than these shades from Covry. Honestly speaking, it feels like every pair of sunglasses I have ever owned are always sliding down my face or just sitting on my cheekbones because I don't have a high bridge on my nose as a typical Asian girl. BUT, I hear that the sunglasses by Covry are actually designed to fit Asian faces. CAN I HAVE A PAIR OF COVRY IN EVERY COLOR PLEASE? 

fire island ocean beach

Sadly, we lost TWO pairs of sunglasses by the end of the day.  I was wearing Fel's Covrys and because they fit so well, I thought there was no chance they would fall off my face.  But we had NO IDEA about the kind of crazy waves we were getting ourselves into. The current was insane. I got washed out and rolled in a couple of summersaults underwater before barely making it out alive. Thomas try to rescue Mia's Ray Bans after a similar experience, but he emerged out of the water with nothing more than two handfuls of seashells and beach sand. 

beach day

Recovering and attempting to look composed after all the tumble turns. 

ocean beach

The light at 4:38pm.

leanne wei carthwheels

Ending the day with cartwheels, because... Why not?! I lost count of all the takes we took because we were not in sync. My cartwheels sucked, but I'm really surprised I could still do them!  I didn't even care about how silly we looked going upside down.  It was so fun rolling around and having fun like a kid again. Thank you Thomas for this shot! 

fire island

By the end of the day, we started making our way back to catch the ferry back to Manhattan...

ice castle fire island
ice castle fire island ice cream

But not before making an ice cream stop for mint chocolate chip and chocolate cookie dough!

mint and lavender fire island

Mint and lavender.  I always love admiring people's yards and little gardens. 

fire island beach house

There were so many cute beach houses in walking distance to the beach on Fire Island. Perhaps we could stay here one day. 

fire island ocean beach

Thanks for a great day. Until next time, Fire Island!