Leanne Wei

In my mom's garden

After spending 2 weeks in Joburg, I headed to Kwazulu-Natal last week to visit my parents.  After moving to a new space with a much bigger outdoor area, my mom has officially grown a green thumb! She often tells me about all the fruit and vegetables she has been growing over our video calls, but seeing all of this in person was incredible.  I often talk about how much I want a garden to grow all the fruit and veggies my heart desires, and after seeing all the strawberries, mulberries, beans, sprouts, and sweet potatoes my mother has been growing, it took me all my will not to just officially move back home.  

Lately, the weather has been extremely hot.  In New York, the days leading up to summer come with a type of humidity that gets you sweating up a storm just walking down the street.  In South Africa, it's a dry hot.  I almost forgot how hot South Africa is and it amazes me how the plants here thrive in this weather!  If you follow me on snapchat (@honeyandvelvet), you'd know that my parents decided to start a chicken family.  With TEN chickens, to be exact.  We were gifted with 5 eggs by day 2 and the chickens are the sweetest little ladies.  We feed them with fruit, grains, vegetables and kitchen scraps from the produce that we grow, and it gives me a really great feeling knowing that we are reducing food waste in our kitchen and our eggs come from healthy, happy chickens.  I noticed that the colour of the egg yolks from our chickens were so much more colourful than the conventional eggs we buy from supermarkets... Which reminds me, you are what you eat, so always remember to eat well!