Leanne Wei

The pleasure of doing nothing


A little while ago, I re-watched one of my all time favourite movies.  It's based on Elizabeth Gilbert's 2006 memoir and best-selling novel, Eat Pray Love.  During Liz's time in Rome, I was reminded of my own journey there and the way Italians savour the "pleasure of doing nothing".  The act, however, is not as simple as it sounds.  With the hustle and bustle of New York City, our jam-packed schedules and the endless number of items on our to-do lists, the act of doing nothing is often perceived as wasted time.  But I do believe in taking breaks: from work, from life, from people, from social media.  Because taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective.  We're not born just to pay bills and die.  We're much more than that.  Travel, live, feel, explore.  Take time for you, doing whatever makes you happy.