Leanne Wei

World Water Day | charity:water

charity water

"I can move mountains. I build cities and destroy them. I've brought people together since time began and I have the power to tear them apart. It takes a great wall to hold me back, but I can be held by a human hand. I run faster than you say 'bolt' and run around the globe and yet for millions, I run out far too soon. Every year, people spend 48 billion hours in search of me, yet I kill more people in all forms of violence, including war. I am the one thing no one can live without be they rich or poor or young or old or living anywhere under the sun. I cover 70% of our planet, yet for 748 million people I am still hard to find. I am essential to life yet far too often, I end it. I am water." 

There are 748 million people living without clean water. This World Water Day, charity:water is asking the world to take notice. You can help by donating at http://charitywater.org/donate.

100% of your gift will fund clean water projects for people in need, and every dollar will make a difference.