Leanne Wei

Golden Hour

In photography, golden hour is known as the time period right after sunrise and just before sunset.  To me, it's when the light is the most beautiful, and the most magical time of the day.  The time period, however, is short and you never know exactly how long the rays of golden light will stay.  Stray too far from now and you might miss it.

I am constantly chasing light; it's an unpredictable element, but perhaps the beauty lies in learning to appreciate those magical moments when you finally catch them, however long they stay.  I think life works in a similar way.  We spend so many days living for tomorrow or waiting for Friday, but if you knew in one year you would suddenly die, would you still be waiting for tomorrow?  Moments are what our lives are made of so make every hour of your day a golden hour, because every moment is a precious moment.


White lace balconette (similar here)  & Swarovski Tricia Earrings

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Photo by Chris Esquivel