Leanne Wei


I have a confession. When it comes to skincare, using a toner isn't always a step I commit to make.  I've read on numerous occasions the importance of rebalancing the pH of your skin after cleansing, but for some reason, I usually view toners as bottles of chemical concoctions that commercial beauty companies try to sell you in addition to everything else that's already on the market.  I like to make my own toner by mixing 1 part apple cider vinegar with 2 part water (which actually works wonders), but sometimes, I don't want to smell like apple cider vinegar. 

Priscilla from Cocokind was very kind to send me some goodies to try out from her organic virgin coconut oil based skincare line and I instantly fell in love with the Cocokind facial toner.  Pure, natural and fragrant - this is an organic rosewater so sweet I could bathe in it.  The smell is instantly calming and I never realized what a positive difference using a natural facial toner consistently would make to my skin look and feel.  Plus, which girl doesn't want to smell like roses everyday?  Another favourite is the organic facial repair serum made from virgin coconut oil, avocado oil and rosehip oil.  I have oily/combination skin and although this is an oil based serum, it absorbs so easily on my skin and keeps my face hydrated without breaking me out.  I think the best part is that this is literally made from just three ingredients - no chemicals, no parabens, no weird things you can't pronounce.  Just pure simple goodness from the earth made from meaningful ingredients. 

A bit about Cocokind: In addition to only using the purest organic ingredients free of artificial chemicals, what made Cocokind stand out to me is that they also have a very strong social mission.  As a socially conscious company, Cocokind donates parts of their proceeds to give clean water, meals, and books to children in need all over the world.  From charity water, Children's Hunger Fund and We Give Books, Cocokind has supported organizations around the world that dedicate themselves to providing clean water, food and educations to children who need it most.  I always say that I love companies with a "heart" because kindness matters.  Well, I think Cocokind is a company with a very big heart.