Leanne Wei


I've had these adorable high-waisted burgundy shorts for just about forever now, but I never seem to get tired of them. Same goes for delicate white blouses and being surrounded by early summer foliage and vibrant greens. Perhaps it's the South African in me, but I love being outdoors. I love the feeling of being able to smell nature, to hear little birds sing and feel the grass tickling on the soles of my feet. I had so much fun taking these pictures, which involved some climbing up a ginormous tree. For a twenty-something year old, I can sometimes be very old lady. I've been working on that though. I look at little kids sometimes and it reminds me to always be playful, always be adventurous and always be daring. That's the beauty of childhood. Most of us grow up forgetting. I've been trying to remind myself again. Always remain young at heart; to be young and wild and free.