Leanne Wei


I visited Tapgol Park today, which is deemed to be the first modern park built in Seoul. Although uncertain when it was first made, it is commonly believed to have been built in the 1890s. The park itself is beautiful. Filled with open spaces, seating areas, flower beds framing the central octagonal pavilion called the Palgakjeong.  The colours, geometric and floral patterns that fill the rooftop interior is so vibrant and beautiful I could sit that staring at it all day. 

The weather has been proving itself to be quite lovely this week. I love the feeling of being able to just slip on shorts and sundresses. I've been trying to remain diligent on applying sunscreen everyday, but I still forget every now and again. I really can't beat these Korean ladies who walk around all day with their little umbrellas. It's really such an Asian thing.