Leanne Wei

Changdeok Palace

Hello from South Korea! I have been in Seoul for exactly a week now and it has been absolutely incredible. The airport for one, has to be THE most efficient airport I have ever visited. I was in and out of customs, immigrations and baggage claim in less than 20 minutes. I kid you not. When they say Seoul has the one of the nicest airports in the world, you can take my word for it.

I'm staying at a guest house in Seoul right across from the magnificent Changdeok Palace. I cannot emphasis how amazing this location is. Asides from being so close to the Palace (which is huge), I'm just a minutes away from bus and subway stops, and the streets are filled with stores, restaurants and street vendors. Here are some snap shots of the palace. More photos to come. Thanks to my friend Catalina for your suggestion on such a wonderful accommodation :)