Leanne Wei

Evy Jo & Co.

Ever since making the decision to switch to a greener and more eco-friendly lifestyle, I have been much more cautious of the type of products I use on my skin. Whether you are using high end or drug store bought skin care products, the chances are likely that they may contain toxic ingredients like phthalates, sulfates and parabens that are not only harmful to you, but also to the environment. The skin is the largest organ of the body. Everything you apply to your skin will essentially be absorbed through the pores and into the bloodstream so it makes sense to treat your skin with care and attention.

Pink Clay Handmade Vegan Soap  /  Relax Dead Sea Bath Salt  /  Pink Clay Floral Mask

I recently discovered a beautiful Canadian brand called Evy Jo & Co., an artisanal line of bath and skincare products inspired by nature and hand crafted in small batches in Montréal using 100% fresh, natural and vegan friendly products sourced locally from Canadian and Québec based suppliers.

All Evy Jo & Co. products are:

- 100% Vegan and never (ever) tested on animals (only on willing friends and family members).
- Created with organic ingredients certified by Éco-Cert Canada.
- 100% Free of chemicals (no artificial colorants and dyes, artificial fragrances, animal or synthetic ingredients, parabens, alcohol and unnatural preservatives).
- Hand wrapped with love in a recyclable and reusable packaging.

Made from pink clay, macadamia nut, olive oil, coconut oil, essential oil, ylang ylang, grapefruit, the pink clay soap is a delicate facial & body soap perfect for everyday use. I have oily/combination skin with dry patches during the colder months in the winter and the pink clay saop does a great job on drawing out impurities without drying the skin.

There is nothing a warm bath won't solve. Evy Jo & Co's RELAX Bath Salt smells absolutely divine with all the beautiful dried petals and essential oils. Sea salt is known to soothe, detox and promote healthy skin. The bath salts are made from nutrient rich hand-harvested Dead Sea Salts, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Crystals, organic rose petals and a blend of pure essential oil with notes of Pink Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang.

Next is my favourite item: the pink clay floral mask. The packaging is adorable as it comes in a little glass jar. But fear not, as you don't need very much of it for your face mask application - just one teaspoon will do! Handcrafted with pure french pink clay, chamomile extract, lavender flower powder, rosehip powder and rose flower powder,  the delicate pink clay turns into a rich brown when mixed with water. I found I had to work quickly when applying the mask as the clay can dry out quickly. Pink clay increases circulation while gently exfoliating and cleansing the skin. Once applied, I could feel a tightening sensation as the clay dries on my skin, revealing a softer, smoother and brighter layer complexion after exfoliation.

Note: When preparing a clay mask always use non-metallic utensils such as small wooden spatula and a glass or ceramic bowl. Using metal will disrupt the ionic exchange within the clay, causing the clay to become far less effective.

Exfoliating dried, tired cells does wonders for the skin. After the most stressful week, it was so wonderfully relaxing and rejuvenating to receive this special care package filled with beautiful handcrafted skin and body care for some much needed R&R. A very big thank you to Evy Jo & Co. I can feel the all the love, joy and energy you put into your gorgeous creations.

Post in collaboration with Evy Jo & Co.