Leanne Wei

Little Rascal

I always talk about needing more vegan and vegetarian friends. I think the universe heard me because my call was answered when I met Daphne, the lovely and talented vegan chef and owner of the underground TriBeca supper club, Suite ThreeOhSix. A vegan food date originally intended at the Butcher's Daughter, we found ourselves settling comfortably in a cozy Turkish cafe across the street after discovering the brunch line was 45 minutes long - which I am so very glad happened because we discovered a new unexpected find in the heart of Nolita. 

Little Rascal is not a vegan restaurant, but we found a couple of dishes that were. Turkish mezes were on the menu and we were tempted to try them all. After careful consideration, we narrowed it down to three mezes. We ordered the classic babaghanouge with roasted eggplants, lentil patties with pomegranate seeds and artichoke salad with braised baby artichokes, parsley, pickles, lemon & cold pressed olive oil. The babaghanouge was wonderful. After all, you can never go wrong with babaghanouge. The lentil pattie cakes were delicious and the flavour combination really contrasted beautifully against the palette. I'm a big artichoke lover so the salad was definitely a hit for me. The dishes came with generous servings of warm bread rolls.

Although the food was delicious, I think what matters more is not what you eat, but who you eat with. I love people who love food; people who genuinely care and appreciate good food. Instagram has been a really fantastic place for connecting like-minded people together and I'm so grateful for the new friends I have met through my social media platforms. Since we both share the same love for good food and plant-based cuisine, Daphne and I will be working on a collaboration which will be featured on Honey & Velvet in the next few weeks. I'm so excited to get started and I can't wait to share that with you soon!