Leanne Wei

High Line

This week marks the second week of classes back at FIT, but the first week was definitely a short one. With this week being shortened for Rosh Hashanah and Labor day last weekend, I'm not quite back in school mode just yet. This past weekend was filled with lazy mornings, brunch dates, people watching, handstands, cartwheels and I went rock climbing in Brooklyn for the first time. I can't even explain how much pain my fingers were in. I think I rediscovered how badly I need to build up my arm strength because if I were ever to end up climbing a real mountain, I will surely fall and die. Rock climbing aside, I visited the High Line at sunset on Sunday and it was really such a lovely evening. As usual, the High Line was no short of people coming to admire the evening view. I would come here everyday too if I could. I love how late the sun sets in summer, along with the warmth and colours he brings just before retreating into the sky.